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Thank You Donors

The UMF and especially the UMF scholar beneficiaries are very appreciative of the nationwide donations and overall support from many who believe in the Mission and Vision of the UMF.


Ernest H. and Michelle Urquhart

NOW Word Christian Church - San Antonio, TX

San Francisco Foundation

Ms. Brenda Urquhart

Estate of Mother Harriett M. Urquhart

Ms. Leolia Harris

Ms. Gwen Davis

Ms. Ruby Lockhart

Ms. Melissa Urquhart

Mr. &  Mrs. Jessie Colmon

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Church

Ms. Linda Wade

Mr. Edwin Hill

Ms. Lilian G. Brown

Ms. Elsie Daniel

Ms. Mary Stallings - Whiting

Dr. Brenda P. Alston- Mills

Maurice D. Hinson, MD

First Institutional Baptist Church - Phoenix, AZ

Ms. Liilian Brown

Dr. Warren H. and Rev. Karen E. Stewart, Sr.

Mr. &  Mrs. Dennis Collison

Mr. &  Mrs. Kevin Lofton

Rev. & Mrs. McDonald Ford

Holy Temple Holiness Church - Phila. PA.

Ms. Mary Connick

Ms. Glenda Stallings-Crayon

Mrs. Priscilla & Mr. Marc Rochester 

Mr. & Mrs Lonnie Sullivan

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Newton

Mr. & Mrs John Allen

Ms. Alexandria J. Boone

Ms. Susan Herbert Peacock

Ms. Leonora Taylor

Ms. Glenna Huls

Ms. Ruby Lockhart 

Ms. Kimberly Brandon

Mr. Jason Kravitz & Mrs. Marla Dubin

Mr. & Mrs Randall Boss



2017 Donors 


Ernest H. Urquhart and Michelle Urquhart

NOW Word Christian Church- San Antonio TX

San Francisco Foundation

Ms. Brenda E. Urquhart

Mr. Lawrence Hinson

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Ahonkhai

Dr. Brenda P. Alston - Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Colmon

Ms. Lenora Taylor

Ms. Priscilla Rochester

Ms. Shiren T. Noble

Ms. Leaver Johnson

Ms. Gwendolyn M. Thomas

Mr. John C. Carroll

Mr. Marc O. Rochester

Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Sullivan, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Tease, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Calvin Wheeler

Dr. and Mrs. Warren H. Stewart, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. George Long

Mr. and Mrs. Don Todd

Ms. Leolia Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Watson-Bey

Mr. Robert D. Lee, Sr.

Ms. Mary Connick

Mr. and Mrs. Tyree Webster II

Dr. E. Myron Noble

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Church

Karen S. and Rodney W. Grove

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Jenks

Ms. Glenna Huls

Mrs. Carolyn MQuillan

Mr. Darryl Lumpkin

Mr. and Mrs. James Schembs

Mr. Roby Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. William Hunt

Mr. Alfred Conyers

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Kravitz

Ms. Marie Parham

Ms. Arleatha Williams

Mr. C.R. Davis, Esq.






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The UMF is a tax exempt 501 (c) (3) organization. Your contribution is tax deductible. Your employer may have a matching gift program. Please inquire about it!

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