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2015 Scholarship Awards Ceremony

2015 UMF Cover

Dear Friends and Supporters,

At a time when the world is challenged by a confluence of transitions and tragedy we are encouraged and emboldened to envision better days ahead in part because of another class of UMF scholars who start or finished their educational journey in 2015. This year we have seen the approval and implementation of public policy and laws that result in major shifts in culture and society. Unfortunately, some of these geopolitical shifts have led to major tragedies of hate, and violence nationally and globally. However we believe that change, transitions, and even tragedies of today create new challenges and opportunities for our leaders of tomorrow. We are optimistic and hopeful that those we support today, (such as the fifty–two UMF scholars) will rise to embrace skills, competencies, and compassion that will successfully navigate the city, nation and world to future success.

This year we particularly recognize and highlight scholars who not only started with UMF but also completed their chosen baccalaureate program (s) and enrolled in a graduate degree program and/or careers in their chosen field . Additionally, we extend a special “Thank You” to UMF donors and supporters who consistently and generously give to encourage education.

Good Luck and God’s speed scholars. Thank you friends and supporters.

God Bless,
Ernie & Michelle 

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