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Maurice D. Hinson, MD - Does The Truth Matter?

Dr. Maurice D. Hinson, Resident Physician in Internal Medicine at New York - Presbyterian Hospital was the Keynote Speaker at the UMF 14th Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony. He was passionate about his journey and equally passionate about possibilities for the future through his "young brothers and sisters"
Maurice D. Hinson, MD - Does The Truth Matter?

Dr. Hinson addresses 2017 UMF scholars


The native Philadelphian, member of the first UMF cohort in 2004 to receive a scholarship, and 2015 graduate of Drexel University College of medicine, returned home to address the UMF scholars, families and friends. He gave a stirring mix of history lesson - "Black is beautiful", "Black is Brilliant", and motivational charge to the students to respond to the "state of emergency for black people" by regaining and keeping confidence in their self worth. "You are the Truth , and your lives absolutely matters", he said.

2016 Scholarship Awards Ceremony

2016 CoverDear Friends and Supporters,

We first give a big Thank You! Thank you to He who made it possible during these thirteen years for us to fund and operate the Urquhart Memorial Foundation. We thank Him for enabling us to annually award scholarships that encourage and enable so many to go to college, and return to say thank you as they go about making a difference in the world. Generous benefactors, we thank you for your support of the work of the UMF and specifically the over six hundred students who have started and in most cases finished their educational journey with your help.

Thank God! Thank You!

In the midst of today's national and international political chaos, economic uncertainty, social disarray/dismay, and global insanity of hate and violence we're happy to be part of a few moments of clarity, support, and hope. This year the UMF awards thirty-five scholarships to deserving students who will attend Pennsylvania Colleges/Universities. We encourage, hope, and pray that these scholars will return your investment in them tenfold with career contributions that will make you/us proud.

Good Luck and God's speed to all benefactors, and beneficiaries  of the Urquhart memorial Foundation. We are thankfully proud of all of you.

God Bless,

Ernie & Michelle


Success Story

The UMF is committed to encourage education primarily through "start-up scholarship". And in addition to helping scholars start we are inspired and encourage them to finish. Success stories about the finish are stories worth telling.

Maurice D. Hinson, M.D.  – A UMF First

On Friday May 15, 2015 Michelle and I attended the graduation of  Maurice D. Hinson from the Drexel University School of Medicine. The ceremonies were held at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, PA.    

Congratulations Dr. Hinson!

Eleven years ago (2004) Maurice participated in the first UMF Scholarship Awards ceremony where he received a special scholarship award from Ernie & Michelle Urquhart to start his educational journey and to achieve this major milestone with his Doctor of Medicine degree. He also received the Maurice C. Clifford, M.D. Leadership Award for his work creating the Drexel University College of Medicine Mentoring and Pipeline Program (DMAPP). DMAPP is designed to increase opportunities for and advance the health and well being of teens in an underserved Philadelphia community. During his 3rd year Maurice was the recipient of the 2014 Excellence in Public Health Award from the United States Public Health Service for his work to achieve health equity, to eliminate health disparities, and to improve the health of all groups.

The Urquhart Memorial Foundation salutes Dr. Hinson, and other UMF scholars, who launched their college education journey with UMF scholarships (and other support) to not only start but also successfully complete their educational pursuits. And, they now participate in flourishing careers that will benefit their communities, family, and themselves.

Success stories such as these inspire us to continue to do the mission of the UMF. Your supporting contributions make it possible. We encourage and appreciate your donations.

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