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Maurice D. Hinson, MD - Does The Truth Matter?

Dr. Maurice D. Hinson, Resident Physician in Internal Medicine at New York - Presbyterian Hospital was the Keynote Speaker at the UMF 14th Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony. He was passionate about his journey and equally passionate about possibilities for the future through his "young brothers and sisters"
Maurice D. Hinson, MD - Does The Truth Matter?

Dr. Hinson addresses 2017 UMF scholars


The native Philadelphian, member of the first UMF cohort in 2004 to receive a scholarship, and 2015 graduate of Drexel University College of medicine, returned home to address the UMF scholars, families and friends. He gave a stirring mix of history lesson - "Black is beautiful", "Black is Brilliant", and motivational charge to the students to respond to the "state of emergency for black people" by regaining and keeping confidence in their self worth. "You are the Truth , and your lives absolutely matters", he said.

R. Seth Williams Challenges and Encourages

Keynote Speaker at 2016 Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony

The District Attorney for the City and County of Philadelphia, R. Seth Williams, was the keynote speaker and inspiration for the annual ceremony honoring UMF scholars in 2016.

Citing his challenging struggles growing up in Philadelphia but with determination to succeed "in spite of", Mr. Williams spoke of how our struggles make us stronger.

He encouraged students and family/friends to continue on and be encouraged that it is possible to be the success you want to be.

2016 Scholarship Awards Ceremony

2016 CoverDear Friends and Supporters,

We first give a big Thank You! Thank you to He who made it possible during these thirteen years for us to fund and operate the Urquhart Memorial Foundation. We thank Him for enabling us to annually award scholarships that encourage and enable so many to go to college, and return to say thank you as they go about making a difference in the world. Generous benefactors, we thank you for your support of the work of the UMF and specifically the over six hundred students who have started and in most cases finished their educational journey with your help.

Thank God! Thank You!

In the midst of today's national and international political chaos, economic uncertainty, social disarray/dismay, and global insanity of hate and violence we're happy to be part of a few moments of clarity, support, and hope. This year the UMF awards thirty-five scholarships to deserving students who will attend Pennsylvania Colleges/Universities. We encourage, hope, and pray that these scholars will return your investment in them tenfold with career contributions that will make you/us proud.

Good Luck and God's speed to all benefactors, and beneficiaries  of the Urquhart memorial Foundation. We are thankfully proud of all of you.

God Bless,

Ernie & Michelle


Deputy Commissioner Yolanda Stallings Speaks - "GRIT"

Keynote Speaker at UMF 2015 Scholarship Ceremony


Stallings 2015

Executive Chief Yolanda Stallings, a 14 - year veteran of the Philadelphia Fire Department, was appointed in June 2014 as a Deputy Commissioner with the title of Executive Chief of Strategic Services. She is the first African American female to serve on the PFD Executive team as a high ranking official. 

Chief Stallings has been afforded the opportunity to serve in this prestigious position as Executive Chief for her due diligence and avid passion for education and trying, as well as her dedication and commitment to both the community and the Philadelphia fire Department. Chief Stallings  brings diversity and an impressive knowledge base to the organization. Under her command are the Philadelphia Fire/EMS training Academy, Health and Safety Office and the Office of performance and Accountability. She is credited with building one of the most successful Career and Technical  Education programs in the City of Philadelphia.

Executive Chief Stallings' portfolio includes a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Rutgers University, a Master's Degree in Management and Administrative Planning from Drexel University and also a Certified Vocational teaching Certificate from Temple University. Along with these impressive credentials, she is also certified ad a leadership Philadelphia Fellow and sits on the Philadelphia School Districts's Advisory Board for the Fire and EMS Program at Randolph Career and Technical High School.  She is a member of the Board of Trustees of Holy Temple Church of Philadelphia, PA 

  Chief Stalling gave an outstanding and inspiring speech about "GRIT" (resilience and determination) in her personal experience of getting an education and working your passion. She offered pointers for both students and supporters to remain determined in pursuing their passion in life with Grit.

Thank you Chief Stallings!

2015 Scholarship Awards Ceremony

2015 UMF Cover

Dear Friends and Supporters,

At a time when the world is challenged by a confluence of transitions and tragedy we are encouraged and emboldened to envision better days ahead in part because of another class of UMF scholars who start or finished their educational journey in 2015. This year we have seen the approval and implementation of public policy and laws that result in major shifts in culture and society. Unfortunately, some of these geopolitical shifts have led to major tragedies of hate, and violence nationally and globally. However we believe that change, transitions, and even tragedies of today create new challenges and opportunities for our leaders of tomorrow. We are optimistic and hopeful that those we support today, (such as the fifty–two UMF scholars) will rise to embrace skills, competencies, and compassion that will successfully navigate the city, nation and world to future success.

This year we particularly recognize and highlight scholars who not only started with UMF but also completed their chosen baccalaureate program (s) and enrolled in a graduate degree program and/or careers in their chosen field . Additionally, we extend a special “Thank You” to UMF donors and supporters who consistently and generously give to encourage education.

Good Luck and God’s speed scholars. Thank you friends and supporters.

God Bless,
Ernie & Michelle 

UMF Board Meets

August 1, 2015

The UMF Board of Directors met on August 1, 2015 in Philadelphia. As part of it's annual review of UMF operations and outcome the Board affirmed its commitment and support of the Founders vision for the future of the organization and its goals and objectives. 

Some specifics include:

         + Approval of the Financial Report which included the very positive financial, and growing status of the Foundation.

         + Notice of major donations during the year ( corporate and individuals)

         + Report on fundraising during the year

         + Report of planned ceremony for August 2, 2015 i.e. 51 scholarships and $110K in awards)

         + Update on upgraded marketing and donor cultivation plans implemented since 2014 Board meeting.

        + Agreement to raise minimum GPA to 2.5 for scholarship consideration.

        +  As part of our increased focus on "finishing" (not just "starting") , we could add post-graduation services such as a "How To Get A Job" workshop for seniors preparing for employment options after graduation

Success Story

The UMF is committed to encourage education primarily through "start-up scholarship". And in addition to helping scholars start we are inspired and encourage them to finish. Success stories about the finish are stories worth telling.

Maurice D. Hinson, M.D.  – A UMF First

On Friday May 15, 2015 Michelle and I attended the graduation of  Maurice D. Hinson from the Drexel University School of Medicine. The ceremonies were held at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, PA.    

Congratulations Dr. Hinson!

Eleven years ago (2004) Maurice participated in the first UMF Scholarship Awards ceremony where he received a special scholarship award from Ernie & Michelle Urquhart to start his educational journey and to achieve this major milestone with his Doctor of Medicine degree. He also received the Maurice C. Clifford, M.D. Leadership Award for his work creating the Drexel University College of Medicine Mentoring and Pipeline Program (DMAPP). DMAPP is designed to increase opportunities for and advance the health and well being of teens in an underserved Philadelphia community. During his 3rd year Maurice was the recipient of the 2014 Excellence in Public Health Award from the United States Public Health Service for his work to achieve health equity, to eliminate health disparities, and to improve the health of all groups.

The Urquhart Memorial Foundation salutes Dr. Hinson, and other UMF scholars, who launched their college education journey with UMF scholarships (and other support) to not only start but also successfully complete their educational pursuits. And, they now participate in flourishing careers that will benefit their communities, family, and themselves.

Success stories such as these inspire us to continue to do the mission of the UMF. Your supporting contributions make it possible. We encourage and appreciate your donations.

Birthday and UMF Celebration

On March 28, 2015 UMF co-Founder Ernie Urquhart celebrated his milestone birthday with wife Michelle and over 100 friends and family from across the country at a gala benefit for the Urquhart Memorial Foundation, held in Scottsdale AZ.

Celebrating the blessings of 65 years of life and 10 years cancer-free Ernie used the celebration opportunity to also celebrate the benefactors and beneficiaries of the UMF. Donations to the Foundation totaled nearly $12,000 as guests showed their love for Ernie and support for the Urquhart Memorial Foundation with their presence and giving.

Three days after the big event the UMF scholarship application submission process ended. Over fifty applications were received and are being processed for decisions to be communicated to applicants no later than May 15, 2015.

The 12th Annual Urquhart Memorial Foundation Scholarship Awards Ceremony will be held on Sunday August 2, 2015 at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott Grand Ballroom at 4:00 pm.

The donation gifts received in honor of Ernie, and all other donations, to the UMF will go along way toward making it possible to award many UMF scholarship awards in August to deserving students.

Thank You! 

2014 Awards Celebration


Dear Friends and Supporters, 

With the 2014 ceremony the Urquhart Memorial Foundation moves into its second decade of trying to make a difference. However big or small we believe that helping and supporting students today can help them to make a difference in the future of others. With your help, during the first decade, over five hundred students went to the next level of preparing to make a difference via their chosen vocation or career.

If the present global situation(s) is any indication, the future holds a continuing unique combination of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Into that future we send this class of UMF scholars with our financial, spiritual, and emotional support; and with our encouragement to prepare to make a difference. College is not a destination but part of a journey to ultimately make a difference.

In addition to congratulating our UMF Scholars, we extend a special “thank you” to our UMF Donors for consistently and generously giving to encourage education. In 2014, fifty-four students head to college assured of your financial support. 

Good luck and God’s speed students! Supporters! 

God Bless,

Ernie & Michelle

2013 Awards Ceremony

2013 Program BookletDear Friends and Supporters,

“Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King Jr. could walk; Martin Luther King Jr. walked so Obama could run; Obama’s running so we can fly”...Jay-Z

This quote by this contemporary entertainer and businessman seems an appropriate message for and about the UMF Scholars of 2013. These forty –four students are attending Pennsylvania colleges and universities preparing to fly. Their flight plans include gaining knowledge and expertise for a career in Medicine, Education, Business, Engineering, and the Arts, to name a few. Wherever they land, according to their flight plans we pray that they will successfully make a big impact in the community and global society that they will serve.

We extend warm congratulations and support of the Urquhart Memorial Foundation consistent with our Mission. We join with family, friends and other supporters who share our vision that UMF scholars can and will fly in part because somebody helped to launch them.

God Bless,

Ernie & Michelle 

UMF Downloads

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downloadDownload the UMF Research Grant Application by clicking here. Please print and mail per application instructions by November 30.


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