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A Message to UMF Beneficiaries, Friends and Supporters



We write and post this letter to you trusting that you are safe and well. Please take care of yourself, and others, as we truly are all in this together. We are all in a tri-pandemic crisis that affects everyone going into a cloudy uncertain future. Global health pandemic, a global economic pandemic, a global social justice pandemic. COVID – 19, historic unemployment, social and racial equality and equity, political and social disunity are arguably woven together in an upheaval the likes of which has never been seen or felt. It’s scary and it’s an opportunity. Can we pull together and live or tear (further) apart and die like fools, (MLKJr)? We pray with hope for a future filled with answers that not only respond to the crisis but brings sustaining peace and better lives for all and especially those in greatest need.

 We write to let you know that yes, the UMF has been impacted. More importantly the beneficiaries have been impacted. After all it’s their future that is most significantly impacted. “Going to College” * has a different meaning than the historical vision of going to a campus to experience an unimagined learning and social environment. Going to college today and for the foreseeable future has a link of going to the computer or going online to get a remote learning experience. Social interactions are experienced more through the eyes/lenses of the computer/device camera than through handshakes and eyeball to eyeball connection.  

 But for all that may have changed in the past 4- 5 months (and months to come) there is at least one constant and that is the need to learn and become the new leaders in a shared future. What also has not changed is our/UMF commitment to the mission. Now more than ever we must encourage education and support research. The processes may change but the goal/mission has not and cannot change. Students like UMF scholars are taking advantage of this crisis moment ask the question and provide the answers, God willing.

 At the UMF, perhaps responding to the uncertainty resulting from the pandemic, we’ve seen a significant drop in applications for UMF scholarships. but a significant increase in questions - to us, to the schools, to anyone like when, where, and how can I continue my education. Out of respect to the pandemic and to you we will not hold the 17th Annual UMF Scholarship Ceremony this year. However, we will distribute $16500 to ten worthy scholars and send them back to school with your blessings. While these figures are down from prior years in our history we believe and are planning to see the need and therefore applications for financial aid increase. We want to continue to respond to that need. From this valley of pandemics, we believe the need is great but “The Best Is Yet to Come.”   

Thank you for joining with us.


Be Well! Be Safe!


Ernie & Michelle Urquhart

  Co – Founders, Urquhart Memorial Foundation


* Please see our “Going to College” webinar post on the website, designed to help students in this transition. 


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downloadDownload the UMF Scholarship Application by clicking here. Please print and mail completed package (all materials) in one envelope by April 30 2021

downloadDownload the UMF Research Grant Application by clicking here. Please print and mail per application instructions by November 30.


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