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About Us - CELEBRATE !

A Message to UMF Beneficiaries, Friends and Supporters


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The Urquhart Memorial Foundation was founded in 2002 marking the celebration of the marriage of the founders. Ernest H. Urquhart and Michelle E. Taylor became one Ernest & Michelle Urquhart. They joined hearts, minds, assets and resources to promote of vision of paying it forward to help those who might tread the path of higher education. What better wedding gift to give to givers and support of their giving to the future. They believed that if they modeled the vision of give unto others as has been given to you. Bless them just as He blessed you. We went a step further and invited family, friends and all others to join in this giving vision. Twenty years and eight hundred students having received over $1.6 m in scholarships from the Urquhart memorial Foundation.  The world has more physicians, lawyers, clinicians, educators, business leaders, entertainers, social services specialists, finance specialists, and many other professions - proudly African - American from Philadelphia who matriculated and graduated from Pennsylvania colleges/universities.  

This is not a boast, rather it is a tribute and recognition of aligning vision, resources and commitment of dreamers and dreams.  

 Join with us in this year of celebration of accomplishments, visions and possibilities.    With your continued support there's more! 

 Thank You!

Ernie & Michelle Urquhart                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Co – Founders, Urquhart Memorial Foundation




UMF Downloads

downloadDownload the UMF Scholarship Application by clicking here. Please print and mail completed package (all materials) in one envelope by March 31 2023

downloadDownload the UMF Research Grant Application by clicking here. Please print and mail per application instructions by November 30.


The UMF is a tax exempt 501 (c) (3) organization. Your contribution is tax deductible. Your employer may have a matching gift program. Please inquire about it!

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