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A Message to Our Friends and Supporters



                                              UMF Romario Dorlus


 In 2001 as we prepared to be united in Holy Matrimony in 2002 we thought of one of the traditional pre-marriage ceremony decisions of what gifts we'd like to receive (i.e. a "registry list). In a moment of clarity we realized that we did not want or need to receive anything for becoming husband and wife. However, we did realize that we wanted to continue the philanthropic giving we individually had already begun. We arrived at creating a mechanism where we would jointly continue our "give back" process. Thus we created the Urquhart Memorial Foundation to reflect that which we were taught and embraced, "be blessed, stay bless and always be a blessing to others".  We created the Foundation to bless others through focused giving in two key areas important to us, family, and community..."encourage education and support medical research".   Humbly we seek to support those from our communities who face challenges of going to college and those who face health challenges, particularly cancer.  We have each faced challenges in each of those areas. Having been blessed to survive and thrive we give back into the lives of those who may face similar challenges.  By some comparable measures we are small in size but with 600 students receiving over $1m in UMF Scholarships since 2004 we believe that with other donations from supporters of the UMF Mission we can have a big impact. 

You may join and donate with us by clicking here  or mailing your donation to the Urquhart Memorial Foundation 12734 E. Appaloosa Place Scottsdale, AZ 85259-6155 and you can contact us at 

                                                           Ernest H. & Michelle Urquhart


UMF Downloads

downloadDownload the UMF Scholarship Application by clicking here. Please print and mail completed package (all materials) in one envelope by March 31.

downloadDownload the UMF Research Grant Application by clicking here. Please print and mail per application instructions by November 30.


The UMF is a tax exempt 501 (c) (3) organization. Your contribution is tax deductible. Your employer may have a matching gift program. Please inquire about it!

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